The major problem with international trade agreements

 Almost all of our trade agreements have a perverse clause, that allows energy corporations to sue us for BILLIONS... for saving our environment! 

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How a City Eliminated Poverty

On a December afternoon, Frances Amy Richardson took a break from her quilting class to reflect on a groundbreaking experiment she took part in 40 years earlier...

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Liberals Plan to Privatize Municipal Water

Make no mistake, it is absolutely critical for citizens to VICIOUSLY resist corporate control of our life-giving water. If they can control our water then there can be no doubt that they control us. I have brought this issue to the attention of the GPC campaign team. 

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Bank of Canada joins Network for Greening the Financial System

This initiative is better late than never.

Yet the issue of private interests benefiting from the citizen owned right to create money is a systemic problem. It is a moral hazard. If lending enterprises were government owned, (much Iike other key public services) with interest going to benefit citizens, our standard of living would be higher. A profitable bank owned by the government of Ontario was sold if at the request of banksters who dreaded the thought of government owned banks competing with them.

See:  Province of Ontario Savings Office (article on Wikipedia)

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4-week Wait for Mammogram a 'Nightmare' for Women Facing Cancer Scare

When someone has cancer and time is absolutely everything, every day that goes by waiting for a crucial mammogram is a nightmare.

How was it that the Doug Ford government has money to pay for anti-carbon tax stickers, but not enough to buy more testing equipment? 

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Public-private partnerships steal our money


Governor Mark Carney Calls for a Global Monetary System to Replace the Dollar


Pesticides: How Canadian governments damage our health and how we can fight back

Health Canada's Pest Management Regulatory Agency (PMRA) broke the law and hurt Canadian families.

Read:  Attorney Generals report (article on website)

The AG states: .22 *Overall, we found that the Pest Management Regulatory Agency (the Agency) did not manage an important aspect of its re-evaluations of pesticides according to the Pest Control Products Act. Although the Agency considered the value of pesticides and their health and environmental risks, it did not assess their cumulative effects on human health when required by the Act. In addition, the Agency had made insufficient progress in completing the re-evaluations of older pesticides*.

The Attorney General stated: *The Pest Management Regulatory Agency’s key objectives are to protect human health and the environment, and to support Canadian competitiveness, by regulating pesticides and their use effectively and transparently*.

*Canadian competitiveness* is a euphemism for corporate profits. If elected, I will advocate that Canada's pesticide management forget about enriching the 1% and focus exclusively on protecting the lives of our people.

This will ensure those that want to increase their profits at the expense of Canadian lives are shut out of the pesticide decision-making process.

Auditor General states: *85 Overall, we found that the Pest Management Regulatory Agency (the Agency) failed to maintain a complete public registry of conditionally registered products and their associated conditions*.  It is time to incentivize urban renewable energy powered greenhouses to provide fresh pesticide free food close to city centers. Disallow food products labeled as organic from the United States because they do not meet Canadian organic standards. End legalized lying regarding trans fats, where vendors are allowed to claim zero trans fats in their products when ever the trans fats contained are less than a half a percent of contents. The public needs the right to know what is in their food to protect the lives of their children. If our food contains genetically modified organisms, we have a right to know and those foods must be labeled.Eventually we need to phaseout genetically modified organisms and phase-in organic food. This will save lives and health care costs reducing the burden on taxpayers.


Health Canada's glyphosate lies

 Health Canada - a dangerous and false publication!

Health Canada says :

No pesticide regulatory authority in the world currently considers glyphosate to be a cancer risk to humans at the levels at which humans are currently exposed.

Read:  Statement from Health Canada on Glyphosate (article on website)

I presented Health Canada this message and proof that their statement is false:
Here is a site that lists the nations where pesticide regulators have banned glyphosate for being carcinogenic to humans. https://www.baumhedlundlaw.com/…/where-is-glyphosate-banned/

Also, note that lying to the public is legal wrt trans fat food labels.

Vendors are legally allowed to label food as containing zero trans fat - if it is below the arbitrary amount of .5 grams per hundred grams. Families need correct labeling to protect the lives of their children. Let us ask liberal and conservative candidates why lying to Canadians is allowed. Do corporate elites have anything to do with it?


Nuclear waste beside Lake Huron

Constantine Kritsonis says: Green Party of Canada candidates let's fight back against the burying of nuclear waste beside Lake Huron.

“Imagine the devastating economic consequences and threat to human health of the drinking water of 40 million people becoming forever contaminated. Communities all around the Great Lakes are unwilling to accept the risk of a nuclear waste dump beside their fresh water".

Read:  Stop the Great Lakes Nuclear Dump (article on website)


The International Labour Organization

The International Labour Organization is a U.N. construct that  has impacted international law.

The organization's board consists of 50% sovereign government representation, 25% corporate employers and 25% labour representatives likely decided upon by the 75% that have overseen global inequality.

This has led to exceptions in the legal definition of condemned forced labour to exempt military service and detainees. The former cater to the military industrial complex. The later as well,with a stark example in the USA's article 13 of the constitution legalizing slavery (forced labour) of convicted prisoners. This loophole was used by former plantation owners to get slaves back and benefit from free labour. Corrupt judges would convict blacks to create slaves as some do today making bribery induced false convictions today to benefit the profits of private prisons and prison slave labour. The bigoted painting of black people as evil has fed into the Donald Trump like narrative to strengthen right wing power and to benefit the corporate slave profiteering that Canada is complicit in.   There is a Netflix documentary on black history injustice in the USA. Search under *13 * on Netflix.  A similar doc is available on YouTube.

Watch:  Thirteenth Amendment Documentary (video on Youtube)

GPC to take action and against modern day legalized slavery in North America. Now the corporate prison slaves are in revolt against their corrupt oligarch masters. We should support oppressed people to the greatest extent possible because saying a loud NO to slavery is a Canadian value.

Read:  U.S. prison strikes spread to Canada, as advocates call for end to 'prison slavery' (article on CBC website)


No  private prisons in Canada

 Stephen Harper loves them. 

Watch:  The Truth About Private Prisons (video on Youtube)